Our “LovedUp Shoot”, also known as a pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot, involves spending half a day being photographed in casually yet carefully co-ordinated settings, gazing into each other’s eyes.  The aim is to capture your “in love and about to get married” expressions.



To some this may sound a bit soppy, but in the wedding industry pre-wedding shoots are very popular at the moment, and wedding magazines now say they are a “must-have”. You may not have gone out of your way to book a pre-wedding shoot, and feels it’s not really “you” but somehow couples often end up doing stuff for their wedding they wouldn’t normally do – whether it’s the groom going to dance lessons, or the bride having a really fancy “up-do” hairstyle done.

We will help you prepare before your shoot, but you can simply come “as you are” on a normal day out, or you could organize to have your hair and makeup professionally done – it’s up to you how informal or formal you wish your look to be.  The point is to capture you together having fun!

We can pick a location that suits you or means something special to you both; a park, urban space, a favourite spot, or perhaps at your chosen wedding venue.  Some couples have a favourite film, song or era (ie 50’s etc) that they wish to portray in their photos, we are also happy to do this.

The main thing is to relax and have a laugh, and it’s a great way to deal with those pre-wedding nerves as you will feel more at ease and confident in having your photos taken when your wedding day arrives.

Angela and Steve, pictured, said the whole experience was very romantic, and  found that afterwards they kept holding hands and smiling at each other……………. ……..definitely  “LovedUp” we’d say!!